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Reaching Innovators Face to Face




Reaching Innovators Face to Face (RIFF) is a project to bring talented, ambitious high school students face to face with local business pioneers. The aim is to expose young motivated high school students to the dreams and realities of starting a business in Erie. The students will participate in an orientation and preparation session prior to their RIFF experience at the Renaissance Centre. They will meet in the Radius Classroom at 3:00 pm on the predetermined RIFF day. The presentations, visitations, and Meet & Greet session will take place from 3:00 - 5:30.   

  • Approximately 15 - 20 Erie City High School Students will meet with business innovators from the Renaissance Centre in the Radius Classroom for a presentation by one or more businesses.

  • The classroom presentation(s) will last approximately 30 minutes.

  • There will be a brief question and answer period following the presentation(s), during which students complete a profile questionnaire on the business innovator and his/her business.


The students will then break up into groups of 2-3 and proceed to tour the presenter’s business as well several other related businesses in the Renaissance Centre.

  • Each small group of students will get a quick tour and presentation at each business (10 minutes), and then rotate to the next business site until all businesses have been viewed by all students.

  • The students will take guided notes on each business as they tour.


The students will return to the Radius Classroom for refreshments and a Meet and Greet with the presenters and the other business owners from the tour.

Russell Taylor M.Ed.

Teaching and Edutainment Consulting Services, LLC

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