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Family Tales


      The purpose of “Family Tales” is to preserve and honor the treasured tales that are the fabric of families. The Grumpy One and Grumpy Too Show focuses on awakening and celebrating memories. A memory must be shared to become a part of our family legacy. The legacy endures only as long as the family tales are told and the stories live on in the memories of the audience. The stories below have been collected by Grumpy One and Grumpy Too as they perform in Senior Care facilities and programs throughout northwestern Pennsylvania. Grumpy One and Grumpy Too see their elderly audiences as vast untapped libraries of wit, wisdom and experience. The "Family Tales" project aims to harvest, preserve, share  and honor these everyday life stories.

  • To locate Family Tales stories alphabetically, use the drop down menu on the Family Tales main page at the top. 

  • To read the Family Tales, click on the pictures.

  • To listen to the Family Tale read aloud, click on the audio player with the same name.

  • To submit your own Family Tale for inclusion in The Family Tales Library, please email your story to :

    *We aim to preserve the accuracy and integrity of all stories submitted, but we reserve the right to edit stories for length, structure and clarity.

     **The pictures used on the Family Tales website are from generic sources and do not represent actual people or events portrayed in the stories.

The Family Magic -
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George and the Sausage Roll-A Welsh Tale -
No Day at the Beach Story -
Get Those Puppies in There! -
Traveling With My Sister -
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She Deserves It! -
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