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Giant Enterprises - Making Our World Great Again!

Giant Enterprises - Making Our World Great Again!

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 “The Trial of Jack and the Beanstalk-Will Jack Get Off?” is a satirical “old time radio broadcast” that twists the familiar fairy tale into a trial that pits the legendary “Giant” against his thieving nemesis “little Jack”. Listen to the testimonies of the wealthy Giant and his celebrity wife, poor little Jack and his conniving mother, as well as the mysterious “magic bean broker”.

   This witty broadcast explores the contemporary themes of stereotypes, prejudice, wealth inequalities, schema, perception, attribution and justice; through the lens of absurdity.  “The Trial of Jack and the Beanstalk” is a spoof collision of the modern world with Fairyland, set in a Nashville courtroom.

  This parody was originally intended as a playful “Monty Pithonesque” podcast. However, using the Listening Guide, the podcast may also be suitable for exploring moral, legal and ethical dilemmas with friends, family, educators, students or social service professionals. It may even be used as a moral and ethical exploration tool in a correctional or rehabilitation facility.

Click on Episode 1 Opening Court , close your eyes and experience the story in "Optic Introspectivision - The Highest Definition Imaginable!"

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